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Our Stay at the Hospital

We spent a week in the hospital. For our daughter Lucia it became like a century. However, I think it was necessary. We, new parents, and she, who had diabetes for the first time, the week in the hospital, where we were mainly taught to live with Diabetes, was fundamental for all of us.

The truth is that it was a challenge for everyone, we had to learn to count carbohydrates at every meal and my daughter Lucia was a champion learning to overcome the fear of needles and punctures quickly.

Our day to day in the hospital alternated with training sessions given to us by Gema, the educator who had made the hospital available to us. They were very intense days where we learned a lot, both from theory and practice. I almost devoured the book we were given about diabetes. By the way, I leave you a copy of the book (in Spanish) in this link: «What you should know about diabetes in pediatric age«. It helped me understand how we should face diabetes in our day to day. I encourage you to read it!

I also must thank very much the affection and attention of all the staff of the O’Donnell Maternity with whom we lived those days. Their professionalism and affection made our day to day very easy to carry. Also thank our endocrine Lucia, who with her great professionalism helped us better understand how to control diabetes. And of course, I would also like to thank very much the support of my colleagues at my company Prosegur.

A few days before we were started at the hospital, we were given the class in which Lucia was installed the Abbott FreeStyle 2 glucose measurement sensor. Goodbye to hair punctures every time you wanted to know the blood glucose level! I was amazed to see how the technology based on an IoT sensor that was installed in Lucia’s arm, could mean an incredible improvement in her quality of life. But I also realized on the other hand, that the current technology in the market was ahead of the technology used in the sensor. Something as basic as the glucose continuous measurement based on Bluetooth readings was not possible, because you had to pass the mobile phone through the NFC sensor every time you wanted to measure the amount of glucose in Lucia’s blood. Here began to be born the idea of this Blog 😀.

In the hospital they gave us material to be able to monitor diabetes and they also gave us a list of material that we had to request at the Health Center. I leave below the list of the material they gave us in case it helps you in similar cases:

  1. FreeStyle Libre 2 sensors for 3 months
  2. Contour Next One Capillary Puncture Glucose Reader (Glucometer)
  3. Glucometer test strips (calculation for at least 10 checks per day)
  4. Lancets for blood capillary glucose monitoring
  5. Test strips for measuring ketone bodies in urine
  6. 5mm insulin injection needles
  7. Prescription for insulin Lantus (slow) and Humalog (Fast) kwikpen both 100uds/ml injectable to pick up monthly at pharmacy
  8. Prescription for Glucagen Hypokit 1mg to inject in case of severe hypoglycemia to pick up at pharmacy

After a week, the long-awaited moment arrived and my daughter Lucia, who was looking forward to returning home, could see her dream come true. After a week in the hospital, his endocrine Lucia, free us to come back home! I will never forget her happy face when we left O’Donnell’s Maternity. His cousins and uncles had given her some balloons as a present, which she didn’t release at any time. So, balloons in hand, she said goodbye to the hospital at the entrance hall. I captured this moment in a photo that I have put at the head of this article. For me it is an endearing, hopeful photo, because we began a new life vital stage where both we, her parents, and my daughter Lucía, would begin to face what a life with diabetes means.

From O’Donnell’s Maternity we left with a clear objective: We would not stop until Lucia’s life was as normal as possible and where she is able to live with diabetes living a full life of energy (just as she is!). So, all possible allies to achieve this goal are welcome: technology, innovation, associations, forums and above all, the large community of diabetics that exists all over the world, where companionship, empathy and the desire to share and help, flood the entire community. Thank you all very much for your help!



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