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Microsoft Power BI. Analyze your glucose data and make data-driven decisions

Microsoft Power BI. Analyze your glucose data and make data-driven decisions (English translation of the article in Spanish: «Microsoft Power BI. Analiza, obtén conclusiones y toma decisiones basadas en los datos de tus glucemias.») Thinking these days about everything I have managed to do thanks to technology, I think the basis of all this is that,…

How to install Nightscout for dummies (like me)

As soon as I got home from the hospital, I started looking online for solutions that could help me to control my daughter glucose measurements and capture the data that the Free Style Libre 2 sensor sent to my mobile. This would allow me to have access to continuous readings and not have to swipe…


Hello! My name is Daniel Garcia, and I am the father of a wonderful girl named Lucia who debuted at age 10 with diabetes 1. These months since she has debuted has been a continuous search for measures that could make her life easier. Many of these measures have come from Technology and therefore, as I believe that the world advances when you share, I have decided to create this Blog to share with all of you the discoveries and goals that I have been achieving to make the life easier for my daughter Lucía due to Technology.


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