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XDrip. The most famous Open Source App used by the Nightscout community

Through this article you will learn how to connect the patched App that sends these measurements continuously to XDrip. At this moment XDRip is going to become an «Uploader» of the Nightscout ecosystem, allowing to visualize the glucose readings continuously in the App itself and send them to Nightscout at the same time. In Nigthscout…


Hello! My name is Daniel Garcia, and I am the father of a wonderful girl named Lucia who debuted at age 10 with diabetes 1. These months since she has debuted has been a continuous search for measures that could make her life easier. Many of these measures have come from Technology and therefore, as I believe that the world advances when you share, I have decided to create this Blog to share with all of you the discoveries and goals that I have been achieving to make the life easier for my daughter Lucía due to Technology.


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